Gift of grand-parenting

Where to begin?

Despite all our technology and modern science the gift of human life continues to be a miracle we all rejoice in sharing.  When we saw the first scan of our granddaughter we were overwhelmed with joy, we followed her weekly development with her parents as our dear peanut grew into an aubergine and finally pumpkin in the 40th week of gestation.  When Poppy was born we were delighted to hold her and see her beautiful face which we have come to know so well since. Now at the age of three and four months we know, not only that face, but also her whole body  at its happiest and most frustrated and angry, when loving and filled with joy of sharing a run with her best friend, the family black Labrador Griff.  We have also witnessed  the moment when she met her sister, Willow, six hours after she was born and have  delighted at the growing love between them occasionally tinged with deep annoyance that mama has to be shared and is not as available as she used to be.

Mandala of life

During the last three years we have been reminded that, whilst Poppy’s life is deeply attached to her parents, other influences  and experiences have coloured her learning about the world. Despite the strong family links she is a person in her own right – influenced by her weekly times with her childminder James and his little daughter, same age as Poppy, and his two older children. Her teachers and friends in the Montessori nursery add another circle of experiences, whilst walks in the countryside and visits to  museums, cafes and as well as to the local farm where her dad works have all contributed to the Mandala of her life. Without a doubt, her life will also be shaped by the recent pandemic and her awareness of the limitation in human contact and access to places such as her beloved playground.

We rejoice in Poppy’s love of trees and plants and of her garden.  We also know that she loves jumping, dancing and singing, that she cares for books and her dolls and her toy ice-cream parlour from which she serves us iced lollies and ice cream at exorbitant  prices of £40.00 per serving and gives us more change after our payment than we originally paid.  Her imaginary friends grow in number and change gender. We are learning about her sister – who without a doubt loves being part of this young family.  She follows every new sound, all the movements around her and loves the cuddles she receives from all of us.

I say we, because being part of this new family and our move to be close to them, has brought new riches  to our life after 43  years of marriage, and whilst I write this blog, it will be dear granpi who will  proof read and chip in as well as rejoice in this celebration of our grandchildren.  We invite you to share in our meditations  as we explore the many elements and facets of this kaleidoscope of family life.

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